Nanny Returned Mother's Child To Her Dead, Pretending He Was Fine. How To Prevent Such Babysitting Atrocities?

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January 10, 2019 15:29 By Fabiosa

Modern parents have already made it a habit to combine a successful career and children's upbringing. Unfortunately, you can hardly ever be sure who you are entrusting your baby with when you are working. It is beneficial to have a grandmother living next door. You can always ask her to spend some time with her grandchildren. However, not everyone is so lucky. Some parents have to look for a nanny or babysitter. Unfortunately, here, you can never know how it will end.

Nanny Returned Mother's Child To Her Dead, Pretending He Was Fine. How To Prevent Such Babysitting Atrocities?

According to statistics, 89 out of 312 kids’ assaulters turned out to be nannies, while 76 of them were the children’s fathers. Sometimes, parents have no other choice than to welcome a stranger into the house to deal with the problems they know nothing about. Such people may seem sweet and kind, but soon turn out not the one they have introduced themselves as. Today, we will reveal one such grieving story.

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Marissa Tietsort had to look after two-month Benson. Due to the lack of experience, she mistreated the baby, and when he passed away, she decided to pretend he was still alive. She dressed the child in a winter jumpsuit, placed her in a car seat, and covered with a blanket. She did everything to make the baby look as if it was sleeping. Her scary plan worked, and his mother didn’t immediately understand what had happened. Only when she got the child out of the chair, she suddenly realized he was cold and breathless.

After that, it became known that a couple of days before the baby’s death, the nanny was charged with abusing other children. By the way, Marissa is currently pregnant with her sixth child. Now the Benson’s family is actively trying to get justice and punish the irresponsible nanny.

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Unfortunately, such stories are quite common. Well, what do parents need to do when looking for a nanny then? Some tips will help to select a babysitter more efficiently.

Nanny Returned Mother's Child To Her Dead, Pretending He Was Fine. How To Prevent Such Babysitting Atrocities?

  1. Start looking for a nanny long before the need becomes urgent. That is how you will avoid unnecessary haste.
  2. Ask your friends who might have teenage daughters with babysitting experience, eager to earn some money. The problem with strangers is solved!
  3. If you eventually opt to hire an unknown person, be sure to check her criminal background, as well as mental health.
  4. Pay attention to her behavior during the interview. Does she criticize the previous family? Is she trying to keep some facts secret? Was she late? Does she try to impress you more than the child?
  5. Also, ask her for any feedback or reference letters from past employers, then follow up on them.

Even though it is difficult to consider all the dangers, it isn’t an option to live in fear. You need to approach this issue responsibly since you are the one who ultimately decides with whom to leave your baby. If you have the opportunity to keep it within the family, it is much safer than to leave your child with a stranger.

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