New Life After A Big Bang: Woman’s Divorce “Celebration” Was Visible 15 Miles Away!

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November 27, 2018 11:21 By Fabiosa

Everyone copes with the divorce in their own way: someone plunges into prolonged depression, one goes partying and breaks loose, another decides to change the image completely, and yet another simply blows up their wedding dress! Did you know that bridal attire can explode so loud that even the neighbors living 15 miles away can hear it?

Kimberly’s “explosive” party

43-year-old Texas resident Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler decided to get rid of everything that reminded her of 14 years wasted in marriage the very next day after the divorce proceedings were finalized. She decided to throw the photos into the attic, sell her wedding ring, and burn her wedding dress since she felt it symbolized a lie.

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Divorce was the occasion for a party that Kimberly organized on her father’s farm. The idea to burn the dress was updated, deciding it would be better to blow it up! In this way, it would completely disappear. With the help of a specialist, the “symbol of a lie” was filled with explosives and taken to a safe distance from the house.

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Try to guess how many shots Kimberley needed to bury the “resident evil?” The woman launched an explosive mechanism with a single bullet. The entire district was lit up with bright light and loud sound. According to Kimberly’s sister, Carla, they began to receive messages from the neighbors, living 15 miles away from the farm, asking if everything was alright.

Everyone “celebrates” divorce in their own way

Kimberly chose an unusual way to deal with divorce. Whether it was consciously or not, she was mentally ready to say goodbye to the relationship. She made a memorable gesture to eliminate all temptations to turn everything back. This is one of the methods recommended by psychologists regarding situations of divorce (not an explosion, of course).


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There are other options:

  • wait some time to calm down;
  • deliberately change your mood from sad to positive;
  • pay more attention to yourself;
  • find a creative outlet to distract.

Moreover, if you see someone you know going through a relationship break, stay close to support them in their difficult moment in life. The next time, they will be by your side in a tough situation.

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