When Was The Last Time You Saw Celentano's Daughter? She Turned From A Striking Brunette Into A Bald Androgyne

Date January 22, 2019

People all across the globe know Adriano Celentano. Regardless of the generation, most people are aware of the talented actor and singer with a rich life who managed to conquer the entire world.

Together with another actress, Claudia Mori, they became parents to three talented children.

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One of them, 50-year-old Rosalinda, is a very extraordinary personality, ready to shock everybody with her unusual appearance and behavior.

The youngest daughter of the famous couple has always been a rebel by nature. Perhaps, this is the result of the authoritarian parenting style of her mother and her father's constant absence. At 18, Rosalinda left home after arguing in an effort to receive a bit of privacy. As a result, she lived with the homeless for half a year.

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At age 36, the already successful actress became frustrated in life so much that she attempted suicide by swallowing a deadly dose of sleeping pills. Luckily, doctors saved her. However, Rosalinda didn’t stop there. Her next shocking move was the surprising decision to shave her head and to get rid of her gorgeous dark hair.

At the same time, Rosalinda Celentano is a versatile and talented person. In addition to acting, she enjoys music and managed to record a few singles. She also adores painting and presents her artworks at exhibitions in different countries.

Rosalinda's acting activity brought her fame thanks to many films, in particular, Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. Moreover, she received several prestigious nominations, including The David di Donatello for Best Actress.


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Rosalinda is a true daughter of her father – she loves shocking the public. However, is it worth it to sacrifice your beauty for the sake of popularity? What do you think? What image suits the actress more? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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