10 Phrases That Can Destroy Even The Happiest Marriage

Date November 8, 2018

It is very important to be able to discuss problems that arise in a relationship appropriately. Some phrases are completely unsuitable for this. Today we will tell you what you should avoid saying to your partner, as well as 10 saving substitutes for the phrases that may put an end to your marriage.

1. Calm down!

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When a partner exclaims this at you, it is humiliating and arrogant. Instead of retorting in the same fashion, it is better to first calm down and cool off.

It is much more beneficial to say something like: “I am truly sorry that you are upset; let’s sit down for a moment and think together.”

2. You never help me with the kids!

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You can’t say it directly, even if you feel your partner is less involved in raising a child. Try to approach the situation from a different perspective and say: “Our son loves when you pick him up from school.”

3. You never listen to me!

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You will silence your partner with this phrase. It is better to choose something like: “When you are constantly chatting during a conversation with me, I get the impression that you aren’t listening to me.”

4. Forget it; I'll do it myself.

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Don’t underestimate your partner’s talents and skills, and don’t underrate the help he can offer you.

It is better to say: “Your help would really be appreciated in this situation. It would save us a lot of time and energy.”

5. I want a divorce!

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Such phrases evoke feelings of insecurity. Instead, try saying: “I want to improve our relationship for the better. Will you go to a therapist with me?”

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6. Are you cheating on me?

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It is best to express your concern by asking your partner how he is doing: “I know not everything has been smooth between us lately, but are we still a team?”

7. I hate when you do that!

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Couples should be careful with the word “hate.” Try to flip the situation, praising your partner for washing the dishes or listening to you attentively.

8. I don’t want to talk to you!

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This, or any other similar phrase, effectively means rejecting or ignoring a partner. If you aren’t ready to discuss it at the moment, rather say: “Let's talk about it later.”

9. I don't care anymore!

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If the cause of tension is only in the last conflict, discuss with your partner possible ways to resolve it.

10. Why can’t you be like him?

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Never compare your spouse with other partners. Instead, pay attention to his merits and those qualities you appreciate in him.

Marriage is a big job that involves teamwork. Try hard for the sake of your marriage and your relationship will reap the benefits!

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