Female Emotional Triggers For Each Zodiac Sign

Date November 7, 2018

Psychologists believe that all people have their own pain triggers. Moreover, astrologers claim that they depend on the zodiac sign a person was born with. Continue reading carefully to find out what insults and fears may be hiding in every woman’s head.


Proud Aries women are most afraid of not being recognized by society. Moreover, the biggest fear for them is neglect from their loved one. As soon as you say you don’t believe it, they'll likely turn spiteful.

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The greatest fear of the Taurus women is that others won’t listen to them and won’t understand their experiences. If you say you don’t have time for her, she will immediately start crying.


Gemini’s dual nature generates a lot of phobias. Their main fear is to appear imperfect. Do you want to hurt her? It will be just enough to say that she is far from being an ideal woman for you.


It’s difficult to say what pressure points Cancer women have. The main ones are the fear of being alone and of being dispensable. All these problems come from the same source – an inferiority complex.


Do you want to drive a Leo woman mad and make her your biggest enemy? It is enough to hint that she isn’t capable of doing something in her life. Another biggest fear may be insecurities about her appearance.


Virgo women aren’t susceptible to bad words. She isn’t afraid of being considered a bad person. Perhaps, this is why she measures everything against the ideal. However, as soon as you do something wrong, she will immediately explode. Only deeds, not words, can ruffle her.

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Libra’s biggest fear is to make a wrong choice. Do you want to upset her? Suggest her deciding the place for your next vacation and then criticize her choice.


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The main phobia for Scorpio women is to let someone into their life and becoming dependent and weak. It is enough for you to behave too actively and she will run away without a second thought.


Sagittarius women are most afraid of losing their freedom, so they seek to prove that they are independent even in marriage. To offend this woman, you should just stop letting her go anywhere.


Capricorn women are most afraid of failing. Say that she won’t be able to tackle a new cake recipe, and she will be offended and immediately rush to prove the opposite.


Aquarius women are afraid to appear uninteresting and boring to her partner. If you want to hurt this woman, hint that her life is trivial and that she talks too much.


The main phobia of Pisces is to be without the support of loved ones. And this isn’t the fear of loneliness, but rather the fear of being responsible for something. Do you want to offend her? Tell her that from this moment on you will no longer solve her problems.

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