Steer Clear, Ladies! 5 Types Of Men You Shouldn’t Marry

Date October 31, 2018

Creating a family is a very responsible process. It depends on what kind of partner a woman will choose on her way to achieving eternal happiness. Many females dream of getting married successfully, meaning finding a wealthy, loving, intelligent, and attractive husband, who is ready to make her dreams come true. However, under no circumstances should you forget that when choosing a husband, one needs to pay attention not only to advantages but also the drawbacks. There are several types of male flaws, which even the most patient woman will find very difficult to put up with.

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1. Playboy

It is impossible not to fall in love with him. He knows how to fascinate; attracts women like a magnet; is always funny and interesting. However, do you think he will be interested in you for long? Playboys are in constant search of love. Even if he stops at one woman and even proposes to her, this doesn’t mean that soon after the wedding he won’t be involved in new love adventures. To be beside such a man, a woman must understand that she will have to share him with others all her life.

2. Mama’s boy

He will involve mom in your relationship even if there is no need. Such a man will always compare his wife to his mother. Does she cook as tasty as mom and iron just as perfect as his most beloved woman? If you are ready to live in constant comparison with his mother and feel her inseparable presence, you must be very patient. Marriage with this type of man often turns into an unbearable burden.

3. Penny pincher

This doesn’t mean he likes saving. No, he will refuse to take you to a restaurant for the sake of a surprise in the form of new jewelry. A greedy man will save on everything and, above all, his wife. You will never see flowers from him, as he believes this is a sheer waste of money. He will never understand why a woman needs another pair of new shoes when she already has twenty of them. This man doesn’t understand what reasonable saving is. However, if a woman shares his views, she may get easily along with such a man.

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4. Couch potato

He doesn’t need a lot. He sits in one position for many years, not looking for development or career promotion. He doesn’t mind if his wife works and pays the bills. A lazy man loves to lie on the sofa, never helps with household chores, and thinks that his wife should please him in everything. If a woman isn’t embarrassed by such behavior during the first years of marriage, the children will make the relationship with a lazy father suffer a complete collapse.

5. Lone ranger

He is a loner in life. Even if a solitary man marries, he will always look for a reason to “slip away” in order to be alone with himself. It may even be a separate room in your apartment. He needs for no one to bother him. He doesn’t like strangers in the house, so you will have to forget about social visits. He doesn’t like Sunday family trips, so, most likely, you will have to go without him or endure his displeased facial expression. If a woman needs a lot of emotional contact in a relationship, then a lone ranger is clearly not the man for her.

Before you get married, carefully examine your man. Romantic love is beautiful, but family life requires effort and compromise from both. It is essential to choose the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life carefully. Don’t confuse your dreams with real life.

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