Your Partner Annoys You? Psychologists Advise What You Should Do!

Date November 1, 2018 10:31

Does your husband annoy you? How often do you feel that his habits and character traits are slowly driving you crazy? We are sure that the majority of women are pretty aware of this problem.

What should you do in this case? After all, you still love your husband; you just don’t want to put up with some of his behavior traits!

Your Partner Annoys You? Psychologists Advise What You Should Do!

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Let’s look at the possible causes of your aggression and find out what psychologists advise in such cases.

Why does your husband annoy you?

According to experts, spouses occasionally irritate each other even in healthy relationships. This behavior indicates a certain level of openness, but, unfortunately, is not very comfortable.

Here are just some of the complaints against husbands that wives often share with psychologists:

  • chomping at the table;
  • scattering socks on the floor;
  • forgetting to inform where he is;
  • forgetting to take out the trash;
  • throwing his legs while sleeping;
  • snoring loudly;
  • listening inattentively;
  • interrupting in the middle of a conversation;
  • behaving too noisily;
  • watching TV or playing computer games when you want to talk to him.

This list is virtually endless. Yes, you continue loving your husband despite these things, but he is starting to drive you crazy! What should you do?

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It is absolutely normal to love your partner and at the same time get angry with him. You both have emotions, and your feelings may not always coincide. Aggression towards your partner is a marker, showing that your personal boundaries are currently violated. Irritation and anger are usually situational, while love is a long-lasting feeling.

So, what should you do if your husband is very annoying? Should you reconcile with his shortcomings or start "re-educating" him? Or maybe even file for divorce?

According to family relations experts, none of these three options are right.

What should you then do?

Your Partner Annoys You? Psychologists Advise What You Should Do!annoying husband

First of all, you need to understand the reason for your irritation. According to psychologists, a woman’s relationship with her partner completely mimics the relationship with her mother in the first three years of her life:

  • if you lacked something in your childhood (for example, attention), you would lack it in your family;
  • if the mother was hyper-protective, the man would most likely be the same;
  • if you are particularly triggered by some situation, you may have had a similar childhood trauma.

Look at your relationship with your partner from this perspective: Try to identify what are the feelings that overwhelm you (anger, pain, powerlessness or despair) and find out the “sore point.”

Analyze your own behavior. Only realizing what causes your aggression towards your partner can help to correct the situation.

How to behave if your partner annoys you

  1. Breathe in and out several times.
  2. Take a small break. When emotions are going wild, it’s pointless to try sort things out or make important decisions.
  3. When the ability to think objectively returns, try to remember if the behavior of your partner reminds you of some kind of situation from childhood. If you do remember, tell him about it.
  4. Don’t forget about the mirror image of the relationship. If you are constantly angry, then most likely, your partner will also experience negative feelings.
  5. Stop blaming the man in everything. Understand and take into account that it isn’t his behavior that irritates you, but your thoughts about it.

Understanding that your negative thinking is the main cause of irritation will help to cope with the problem. Bear in mind, you can completely control your thoughts, unlike your husband’s behavior!

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Yes, you are able to change your attitude to what is happening at any moment, and consequently, your emotional state as well. Knowing exactly what kind of partner’s behavior causes severe irritation will help you prepare in advance.

Your Partner Annoys You? Psychologists Advise What You Should Do!

Remember: dirty socks scattered around the house doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of respect for you and isn’t a sign of some serious problem in your relationship. After all, none of us are perfect.

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The material in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a certified specialist.