He Tried Too Hard: A 'Caring' Dad Failed To Experiment With The Daughter’s Photo, Instantly Making Her An Internet Meme

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September 21, 2018 17:31 By Fabiosa

A 21-year-old Twitter user named Simran recently shared an adorable portrait that instantly went viral on the inernet. Her father tried to make a panoramic photo that included her face, but the result was terrible.

The girl posted two hilarious panoramic photos on September 15. She explained that her dad tried to take the photos during a family weekend:

My dad asked me to stand by the apple trees because he wanted to try a new way to make a vertical panorama. I agreed, and here’s the result!

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As it turned out, some adorable pictures appeared as a result. Although the panoramic function is usually used to capture wide landscape images, this 'innovator' decided to go against the system:

When he saw the photos, he said: “They look great!” Well, I didn’t think so. I said: “Are you kidding me? I look like the Alien here!”

To understand how severely these images are distorted, look at how Simran looks like in normal photos.

The post has already gotten almost 355,000 likes! People can’t stop laughing out loud and making all kinds of funny comments about Simran’s deformed photos:

Very funny!

Some kind of nonsense!

The photographer’s talent is amazing!

Nice try, dad, but in the future, let the professionals experiment with the photos.

Do you have a similar embarassing story? Share it with us in the comments!

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