25-Year-Old Man Lives In A Body Of A 12-Year-Old Boy. Is It Easy To Stay A Child For The Entire Life?

Date October 11, 2018

Many people dream of returning their childhood or becoming forever young. A dream - this is what Tomasz Nadolski’s life looks like, but he feels he is living in hell. At 25, this man doesn’t have the opportunity to work, go on dates, hang out with friends. A rare disease took away not only his health but also the ability to live a normal life. This is because all his life the young man is forced to live in the body of a 12-year-old.

This story could be a perfect script for a Hollywood movie unless it was a reality. He was born in 1993 in an ordinary family, being a completely healthy and cute baby. Nothing foreshadowed any troubles, but at the age of 7, he started suffering from various unpleasant ailments. His stomach and limbs often ached; constant nausea and vomiting didn’t allow him to relax. Because of the fragile physique, the boy was often offended at school. After examinations, doctors decided that Tomasz had a mental disorder. The parents also thought that the boy should simply eat more and go outside more often. However, they soon discovered a terrible truth.

25-Year-Old Man Lives In A Body Of A 12-Year-Old Boy. Is It Easy To Stay A Child For The Entire Life?Uwaga! TVN / YouTube

Experts have concluded that Tomasz had Fabry disease – a rare genetic illness, which chained him in the body of a child. Apart from that, his health was also under threat: heart, kidney, and stomach problems didn’t leave the man for a moment. Because of his disease, the guy can’t eat and spends every 20 hours with a dropper. Constant pain is relieved with the help of special patches, but this is still not enough.

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The drug manufacturer also supported Nadolski and decided to supply the patient with the medicine for free. This is a really great gift for the young man, because the state pays Tomasz only $185 every month, while the annual treatment course costs about $215,000.

25-Year-Old Man Lives In A Body Of A 12-Year-Old Boy. Is It Easy To Stay A Child For The Entire Life?Uwaga! TVN / YouTube

Unfortunately, that isn’t the end of the sorrowful story. Tomasz doesn’t get on well with his own family:

They still treat me like a child. When I'm at home, I just sit in my room alone. My illness has destroyed our communication.

Because of the child’s appearance, the man has a hard time outside. No one believes he is actually 25, and his attempts to prove it cause nothing but mockery and indignation. Tomasz has always had problems when the documents are required, and even the simplest interaction with other people isn’t easy for the man.

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I hate this boy in the mirror because I know that it isn’t me.

Tomasz still believes that everything will improve. After the guy made his story public, many people decided to support him. The Internet community shares hundreds of photos with the words "Give Tomasz a smile" that, hopefully, make the man feel much better.

What do you think about this man? Had you ever heard about this unfortunate disease before? Share your opinions in the comments.

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