Sad Fate Of The Sutherland Sisters: They Earned Millions Showing Their Hair But “Died” Of Star Sickness

Date July 15, 2019 12:50

In the 19th century, traveling circuses and theaters were an incredibly popular entertainment. People who were somehow different from the rest could become real celebrities by participating in various performances and shows. Acrobats, dwarfs, giants, bearded women – there were no two similar performers in such circuses. Besides the constantly growing fame, most of them also received incredible sums for their performances.

Among all the weird “actors and actresses,” the Sutherland sisters were particularly popular. This family earned its fame and enormous fortune thanks to their hair.

Sisters Sarah, Victoria, Isabella, Grace, Naomi, Dora, and Mary were born in New York between 1845 and 1865. Their father was a poor Turkish farmer. The mother didn’t allow them to cut their hair and forced them to apply different smelly masks, for which the girls were constantly taunted at school.

However, when their adventurous father noticed how others admired the girls’ lavish hair, he came up with a great idea.

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He decided to travel with his daughters around the country and give concerts. At that time, long hair was a sign of good health and wealth. In 1884, the girls were noticed by the famous Barnum and Bailey circus. The father decided to sign a contract immediately, and soon the girls’ fame skyrocketed. Soon after that, the sisters' earnings exceeded the combined income of the entire circus!

Meanwhile, the sisters started to lead a noble way of life: they hired numerous servants, lackeys, maids, bought a lot of clothes, threw parties with alcohol and drugs that drastically reduced their family budget. At the same time, the father came up with another great idea. He started selling hair care products. And it was a success! Despite the unbelievable price for that time, $1.50 per bottle, the sisters’ hair was a perfect advertisement and attracted a lot of clients.

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However, in 1920, a short female haircut, bob, came to replace the lush hairstyles. Unfortunately, the Sutherland Empire began its imminent decay. The sisters didn’t change their way of life since they got used to the lavish routine. As a result, they soon went completely broke.

The girls were terrified of insincere and prudent boyfriends, so only three of them got married. In 1938, their huge mansion burned to the ground, and they spent the rest of their lives penniless. The only thing they never parted with was their hair.

It’s incredible to realize that the girls became so insanely famous only due to their gorgeous hair. However, some modern celebrities receive even bigger fame for much less.

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