10 Signals That Your Boyfriend Isn’t Going To Marry You

Date October 24, 2018

All women dream of a bright wedding and a happy family. Even the strongest feminists need reliable support to be always there for them. However, it often happens that regardless of the relationship, the question of marriage is repeatedly postponed. These 10 tips may upset you, but they will help you understand if waiting for a wedding is going to pay off!

1. He is negative about marriage.

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You can dream as much as you like about a romantic marriage proposal, a stunning dress, a happy and long life together, but he may not even think about it. Find out how he feels about the wedding.

  1. Does he want to start a family in the future?
  2. Is he afraid of marriage?
  3. Does he believe that any marriage is doomed?

If you answered 'yes’ to 2 out of these 3 questions, most likely, you aren’t destined to walk down the aisle with him. He will hardly ever change.

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2. He lacks confidence.

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Sometimes he can be really romantic and gentle, buying flowers and singing songs, while the other day just cold and indifferent. This isn’t a relationship; it’s rather a roller coaster. Don’t wait for a wedding in this relationship.

3. You hardly communicate with his family and friends.

This is an extremely important sign. If a guy sees a girl as his wife, he will definitely introduce her to his family. At first, you will meet his friends, because often, their opinion matters to him more than that of his relatives; he will do everything to let them know you mean a lot to him. If he doesn’t make you a part of his world, be honest with yourself – the proposal is unlikely to come soon.

4. You have no future.

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When it comes to plans, your goals don’t coincide very often. For example, when you start talking about a vacation in the upcoming year, he immediately changes the subject, saying something like: “Let's talk when the time is right.

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A man who doesn’t see you in his future won’t take you as his wife.

5. He forbids you to talk about the future.

10 Signals That Your Boyfriend Isn’t Going To Marry You

Quite a similar concern. He avoids any conversations about your future together. The word 'children' makes him panic, and he changes the subject every time he hears you start a sentence with "we will..." The conversation about the wedding risks turning into a huge argument. Do you still believe he will start talking about anything like this himself? This miracle will never happen.

6. All talk and no trousers.

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You start talking about the family, and he seems to be completely on board, but there is a single problem: he isn’t going to do anything. He will make no preparations and will not initiate any change in your relationship. He just waits and hopes to postpone the break-up, not prepares for the wedding

7. He lives in the past.

If your partner still can't get over his past unfortunate relationship, remembers the 'best days of his life' and compares you to his ex-girlfriend, it means he neither appreciates you nor values your relationship. If he considered you his treasure, he would have forgotten about the ex a long time ago.

8. He has no time.

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Men find it extremely important to have a stable and balanced life. If he doesn’t have time to combine work and personal life, he will never put a ring on your finger since he considers it a never-ending trouble. Only when he can balance everything, will a wedding be possible.

9. His friends are unmarried.

He is free, as is everybody in his environment. Usually, a man who wants to marry has a couple of married friends. And if they are all single, it is very doubtful that he will begin to change this state of affairs.

10. He can’t solve problems.

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Look at your partner. Does he run away from difficulties and problems? If he is trying to hide from any troubles physically and mentally, and never helps you solve your problems, can you imagine what a husband he will make? Do you want to deal with everything on your own?

If you are determined to get married and have children while your partner still isn’t ready, maybe you shouldn’t sit and wait that someday he will change his mind. Listen to your heart and do what's right for you.

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