11 Reasons Why Divorce Is Better Than Unhappy Marriage

Date October 4, 2018

Psychologists claim that it is better to get a divorce than to live in a marriage that doesn’t bring you happiness. Life is too short to waste it on unhealthy relationships.

So why the thought of divorce causes us to panic? How will I live alone? How will our children react to this? Am I destined to live alone until the end of my days?


Naturally, such negative thoughts cause only pain and depression. However, if you try to focus on the positive, a divorce may actually bring some unimaginable advantages in case you are suffering in an unhealthy relationship. There are at least 11 reasons why a divorce is much better than living in an unhappy marriage.

1. Marriage is safe, but a divorce will allow you to start a new life!

Even in a bad marriage, you know what awaits you in the future. And it allows you to feel certain security. However, a divorce gives hope to finally become what you want and a chance to find a real beloved one.

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2. It is better to be a single parent than to expose your child to abuse and quarrels.

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If you have children, it is better to get a divorce than to live in a bad marriage. The formation of the child’s psyche occurs at an early age. And if children see their parents fight all the time, in the future, they will most likely act in a similar way in their families.

3. You deserve a partner who will treat you the same way you treat him.

Divorce is definitely better than marriage without love. All people deserve to be loved. Why should you live in a marriage where love and respect aren’t a priority?

4. After a divorce, you will gain not only freedom but also a chance to meet a more suitable partner.

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Divorce is always painful, but as soon as it is over you will feel relieved. After you become a free person, you are more likely to be able to meet your true soulmate!

5. Divorce helps you look at yourself from a different perspective.

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After the divorce, you will fall in love again. You will have the opportunity to send all your love and energy that a bad marriage took from you. You will find peace, happiness, and joy in life.

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6. Divorce is better than your children’s persistent aversion to family life.

What could be worse for a child than to live in an atmosphere of hostility and see their parents miserable? Perhaps, the life of all family members will become much better and happier after the divorce.

7. Divorce will tell you the difference between loneliness and solitude.

After the divorce, you will learn to enjoy solitude and free yourself from the terrible feeling of loneliness, which invariably arises when you are with a wrong person.

8. You and your partner will no longer interfere with each other’s improvement.

The only thing that distinguishes a “bad” marriage from a “good” one is mutual efforts to become better. Therefore, sometimes a divorce allows both partners to grow personally and achieve their goals.

9. Having gotten rid of negativity in marriage, you can become a better parent.

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Divorce will prove that you have the desire and courage to live a happy life. And if you become happier, you will be a much better parent.

10. You can devote time to other important parts of your life.

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If you used to spend a lot of energy to save your marriage, now you will have more strength for yourself and your children. Don’t invest all your energy in a relationship that no longer works!

11. You lose your spouse, but receive personal happiness in return.

Life is too short to waste it on fights. Let your spouse go and finally become a happy person!

What do you think about these ideas? Do you consider them wise enough? Share your opinions in the comments.

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