9-Year-Old Autistic Girl Paints Incredible Pictures. Even Angelina Jolie Bought Herself One Of Her Masterpieces

Date October 2, 2018 13:47

Little Iris Grace is only nine years old, but she is already well-known as a serious artist. She began surprising the family with her works in just three years of age. However, the most unusual thing in this story is that the kid suffers from autism.

Children with autism aren’t able to participate in social interactions. Doctors diagnosed her when she was 3 and told her mother that the girl is unlikely to learn to speak and won’t interact with other people.

Iris didn’t want to see anyone next to her, except her mother, Arabella. Even the closest relatives didn’t have a chance to approach her. The baby was afraid of many things. She didn’t play with toys, avoided eye contact, didn’t sleep in her bed and was afraid of water.

One day, Arabella and Iris were engaged in painting. The kid liked it so much that she took a brush and tried to repeat the drawing her mother showed her. Since then, the baby’s life changed.

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The girl’s first picture was called “Patience” and was shown in social networks. A few days later, one woman became interested in the work and even wanted to buy it.

The mother continued to share other pictures in social networks. She got a call from a former classmate involved in the business art, who suggested taking part in the exhibition. Arabella was surprised because she believed that her daughter was an ordinary sick child. However, the woman objected:

Iris is a talented artist.

"Over in the Ocean"

This work is painted with ink and acrylic.

A detail of a picture.

Another detail of Iris’s painting.

Inspired by the sea.

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A 2019 calendar with Iris’s drawings.

News about Iris spread around the world very quickly. Her paintings are bought for private collections. By the way, even Angelina Jolie bought one of Iris’s paintings. The family decided to spend the earned money on a trip to Stockholm. This is a great achievement for a girl who once didn’t even leave her house and couldn’t even stay close to other people. After that, Iris also visited Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, and France.

Arabella decided to publish the story of her daughter in the book Iris Grace. She wanted people to learn more about autism. People with this condition can still have a bright future. The methods that help Iris may not suit every child, but the woman believes that there is always a key – to follow your child’s example.

Another miracle happened when Iris’s parents bought her a Maine Coon cat called Tula. The animal never leaves the girl, even if it has to ride a bicycle or a get in a boat. 

They say that cats are afraid of water. But one day, Tula jumped in the bath, as if showing the girl to take after her example, underlining that it is completely normal. Arabella claimed the girl’s fear of water began to go away.

The girl’s first words were

Cat, sit!

Some time later, the girl even began to smile.

And here is Arabella herself.

Well, the mother’s efforts and cat’s friendship changed the life of the autistic child. Love is what made this story have a happy end. Share it with your friends to spread the tenderness even more!

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