Internet Anonym Hides Under The Mask Of Creepy Doll "Momo" And Provokes Teenagers For Committing Suicide

Date August 20, 2018 10:43

Nowadays, means of delivering information are much easier than it was a few hundred years ago. The social networks can conceive your identity, allowing to create almost any image and introducing yourself as anyone online. The recent horrific trend proved the consequences could be scary. The “suicidal” game for teenagers, Momo, has been recently popular around the world and has already caused much negative hype.

A nightmare puppet-like creature is waiting for children using WhatsApp account to communicate and provoke them. Police suspect the anonymous account of encouraging a 12-year-old girl for suicide.

The investigation revealed that more and more teenagers all over the world are joining the WhatsApp user named Momo. It sends the poor children violent images and provokes them to pass the final stage. Everything ends with a challenge – the kid is encouraged to commit suicide.

The Momo Avatar is a creepy image of a woman with grotesque features on chicken legs, the prototype of which was the doll by Midori Hayashi. This Japanese artist has nothing to do with the deadly account. His works have just recently been shown in the Tokyo art gallery.

Midori Hayashi uses the remains of animals in his works and is famous for the ability to create almost real eyes for his dolls.

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Even though Momo was created as a harmless work of art, some anonymous internet criminals use this creepy image to spread fear online.

In addition to WhatsApp, this image was seen in other social networks (in particular, Instagram and Reddit).

According to Mail Online, the account was noticed in the US, France, Mexico, and Germany. In addition, the Argentine police believe the suicide of a 12-year-old girl in Ingeniero Maschwitz is also connected with Momo.

Authorities in other countries are also concerned about the possible consequences of the dangerous activity, so they ask citizens to stay away from the similar WhatsApp accounts.

Do not communicate with Momo! If you see the face of a strange woman in your phone, delete, ignore, and under no circumstances respond to the doll! Let your children answer sincerely about their social media friends so that no harmful influence touched their feelings.

Please share this important information with your friends to warn as many people as possible!

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