Little Girl Nearly Died Because Of Allergic Reaction To Children’s Decorative Cosmetics

Date October 1, 2018 18:16

All girls begin to imitate their mothers at a very young age, trying on their clothes, jewelry, and even applying makeup. Moreover, many parents buy sets of decorative cosmetics for their little princesses, often without considering the harm they can cause to their health.

The next story has been recently shared in the social networks by Kylie and Tony Kravens. They bought their daughter, Lydia, one of these cosmetics sets and didn’t even suspect that in just 24 hours an absolutely healthy girl would have to fight for her life in a hospital ward. Like many parents, Kylie and Tony didn’t pay attention to the composition, believing such products can’t contain any harmful substances. Unfortunately, there turned out to be six of them, and poor Lydia was exposed to their harmful effects.

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The girl’s body was covered with rashes in just a few hours. The tender skin around the eyes and mouth suffered the most. The terrified parents changed the cooling compresses every 30 minutes since the baby had strong swelling and her whole body ached badly. Because of the blisters on the lips, Lydia couldn’t eat and hardly drank any water for several days. Kylie and Tony shared the terrible photos on social networks and encouraged parents to be extremely careful when buying things for children, especially decorative cosmetics.

A child has very delicate and sensitive skin. It is several times thinner than the adult’s, more susceptible to allergic reactions and manifestations of contact dermatitis. When choosing hygienic and cosmetic products, always pay attention to the composition. The ingredients must be natural and have a soothing effect. These components include aloe extract, chamomile, and olive leaf.


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The following ingredients are especially dangerous:

  • asbestos - a silicate mineral with a fibrous structure, damaging the health by inhalation or accidental ingestion;
  • bisphenol A – used as a hardener in various industries;
  • talcum – gives cosmetics texture and durability;
  • heavy metals – barium, selenium, chromium, cobalt, nickel, lead;
  • formaldehyde, parabens, and other preservatives that provide for a long shelf life;
  • phthalates, and artificial fragrances.

Even though girls are trying to imitate adults from an early age, it is necessary to explain to them why it isn’t necessary to start using makeup too early.

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Since teens usually apply makeup more than adult girls and women, their skin is more prone to dermatological problems, such as acne. It is necessary to explain that masking skin imperfections can aggravate the situation.

Some of the substances affect the unstable hormonal background during puberty. This can lead to reproductive dysfunction in the future and increase the risk of cancer.

Adolescents often exchange cosmetics, risking spreading bacterial infections, herpes, and even staphylococcus. Liquid substances (foundation creams, mascara, lip gloss) create a favorable environment for spreading pathogens, which provoke skin clogging and the development of various inflammatory processes.

If the girl feels old enough and wants to use makeup, she needs to be explained how to properly take care of the skin, cleanse and moisturize it. Makeup tools should also be chosen carefully, paying attention to the composition.

Fortunately, Lydia Kraven recovered. We are grateful to her parents for the warning and hope there will be no more such cases in their family.

What about you? Have you ever had any unpleasant experience and ready to warn others about the danger? Share your stories in the comments.

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