Three Unobvious "Yes" For Teenage Girls

Date September 7, 2018 08:53

Probably, it isn’t a secret that adolescence is a difficult period not only for parents but also for the children themselves. Rules and methods of education, which adults used before, stop working. Parents are increasingly unable to find a common language with their teenage children.

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However, the problems aren’t only related to the psychological and emotional changes that occur with adolescents (for example, the formation of a character and outlook) but also their physiology.

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Body maturation isn’t an easy process and doesn’t always go smoothly. Thus, the adolescents, in particular, girls, require a close (but in no case intrusive) attention from their parents.

Three questionable "Yes" for teenage girls

Visit gynecologist?

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Yes! Sometimes, it is enough to listen to complaints and examine the external genitalia. There are special thin gynecological mirrors that don’t violate the integrity of the hymen. If necessary, you can replace the examination with ultrasound.

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Use tampons?

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Yes! It is because the hymen isn’t solid, elastic, and extensible. However, its elasticity, density, as well as the shape and size of the holes can vary among different girls. When a girl has complaints or any insecurities, it is important to contact a gynecologist or pediatrician.

Take up all kinds of sports?

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Yes! For the same reason. Even though during sports, you can get certain injuries to the perineum, damage the labia, and even hymen, through carelessness, as a rule, they are insignificant and don’t have any serious health hazard.

As already mentioned above, the adolescents require special care and attention. Having studied the features of their physiology and processes that occur with them in this period, you will be able to avoid many common problems and misconceptions. Share this information with other parents to make them aware of possible questionable answers to the most urgent problems.

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