Tired Of The Mess In The Children’s Room, A Resourceful Mom Figured Out How To Make The Kids Clean Up

Date October 11, 2018

You will certainly agree that children, especially teenagers, make a lot of mess in the house. To save the house from this mess, it won’t be enough to clean by itself – it is necessary to convey to the children the idea that only pigs can live in a pigsty. The story of this mother is very educative. She managed to show the children how important it is to take care of your place and keep it clean.

Even though her punishment may seem strange, it actually worked! Her idea is brilliant in its own way. Alice Velásquez, the mother of three children, once realized that she was fed up with the mess in their rooms and wouldn’t tolerate anything like that.

When the teenagers returned home from school as usual, they found the shocking picture in their rooms: all their belongings were neatly packed in trash bags. They could take any bag with their stuff but with one small condition.

They had to pay $25 for a bag. And they could only buy their stuff back with money earned doing chores!

For her creativity, the resourceful mom was even invited to television!

Yes, the solution to the problem may seem harsh, but the rules were clear and well-thought-of. Sometimes a money punishment can be 100 times more effective than all the yelling and never-ending arguments!

What do you think about this method? Would you dare ask your kids to pay for their belongings? Share your opinions in the comments.

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