7 Unfavorable Things You Should Not Do After The Break Up

Date September 26, 2018 16:39

Apparently, most of us experience break-ups extremely hard. Not everyone's able to get used to the thought that the feelings are gone, and it is clearly the end of the relationship. Many women become very sensitive at this challenging period of time, making a lot of mistakes.  

Of course, in the age of the Internet and social networks, one can hardly shake people out of the head, especially with your hands reaching out for the phone and clicking on your ex's profile. Nevertheless, during the first weeks after break up, it is important to pull yourself together and find the energy to just move on.

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7 Things You Better Not Do After The Break-Up

1. Friendship offering

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Many people use this move in order to make it 'smooth'. Indeed, some couples part on good terms. However, this beginning of a new 'friends-only' form of relationship is better to be set aside. First of all, each of you should calm down, accept and get used to this new status. It is unlikely that you will be ready to hear your ex’s stories about his new chosen one.

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2. Blaming yourself /

Some women are tempted to throw the blame on themselves after the break-up and consider it as a personal failure. Moreover, they are deeply convinced that the break-up was caused by their failures and flaws, and some decide to learn a lesson from this occurrence for the future: “Next time I won’t be so clingy, jealous, capricious,” etc. This doesn't help in moving on.

3. Changing your social network status to ‘it's complicated’ or a similar status

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Relationships are private. You should not announce it to everyone and there's no need to share your break-up details online. If you feel a need to express your thoughts and emotions, do it in a private mode. In this case, you will let go of feelings while keeping healthy personal life boundaries. At the same time, it is not recommended to completely isolate yourself from the communication on the internet so as not to drown in social exclusion.

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4. Radically changing an appearance

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Some women have an opinion that one cannot start a new life without a haircut. However, one should waite a little when it comes to radical changes in the appearance. Being upset or even feeling anger can push many for a new haircut or a new color, with which they will be unsatisfied as soon as the following week, or even on the next day. Needless to say about the tattoos, piercing, or any other transformations. 

5. Stalking your ex on social networks

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Many people, as well as women and men, start to spy on the activity of their ex-boyfriends/girlfriends on the internet after the break-up, despite understanding the damage of such a behavior. Gradually, it becomes a daily ritual. If you are not able to avoid the temptation of following your ex’s page activity, better block him/her or remove from the list of friends.

6. Immediately rushing into a new relationship

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If you had registered on a dating site soon after the break-up and already arranged several dates on a week, you are at risk of so-called 'compensatory relationship'. In this case, you are only trying to take vengeance upon your ex, to forget yourself or to feel desirable again. Of course, these new contacts can transform into the love, but these occasions are really extremely rare. 

7. Publishing 'revenge' statuses, pictures, or posts

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After the break-up, you obviously will have a lot to do, other than to send revengeful messages to get under the skin of your ex. Sure, it seems to be a great idea, but as a result, you'll only end up feeling bad. In fact, it would be sensible to reduce your social network’s activity to the possible minimum during the first weeks after the break-up.

Have you ever done these mistakes after the break-up? What was the most difficult for you to deal with during this period? Comment and share!

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