7 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest In Their Women

Date September 27, 2018

With years, any relationships become less emphatic. We get used to each other, passion fades away, yet more tenderness and respect awake. However, there are times when after one or two years of relationship a man goes cold to a woman. So soon!

Why does it happen? Let's figure it out

1. We criticize other women.

7 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest In Their WomenFizkes /

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Some women start feeling uncomfortable seeing pretty and chic ladies. In attempt to raise their personal pertinence at least a little, they begin to criticize those pretties, expressing a lot of hard-hitting comments to their men. You don’t have to do this! Even if he does not understand why you do this, he will clearly see your lack of self-esteem. Sure, men love to rescue us, but only from monsters, not from ourselves.

2. We compare him with other men.

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Bad advice: If you want to lose your man – compare him with Peter or with Joe. Just tell him how handsome, smart, and daring they are. At first, he will distance from you and then finally think that he doesn't need a woman who does not value him at all.

3. We are always annoyed.

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He fell in love with a pretty, happy girl who shone for him and brought a sense of purpose into his life. If you became a surly person soon after that, if you always get on his nerves, of course, he will brush you off. Who would even like to live with such a complaining, grumpy person?

4. We ask coquettishly if we gained any weight when we indeed put on some extra pounds.

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A favorite trick of women:

  1. Gain 6 or 11 pounds.
  2. Have complexes about it.
  3. Aks him what he thinks about your body.
  4. Be upset with the truth.

Remember this once and for all: Men never understand hints and it's just unfair to elicit compliments in such a manner. If you really gained some weight, take up some sports and healthy diet. It would be much better not only for you but for your relationship as well!

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5. We swear.

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Even the most brutal man wouldn't feel pleased with his sweetheart cursing like a sailor. No matter what society says, modest, intelligent and educated women are the most favorable ones.

6. We speak ill on his mother.

7 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest In Their Women

Even if you don’t like his mother at all, it is not an accuse to express your opinion on how bad she is just before him. Try to minimize all contacts with her, or better make friends with her – having an ally would not be out of place!

7. We look vulgar.

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Pretentious make-up, extremely short skirt, too deep decollete – all this can possibly help you to have a one-night stand. Real gentlemen prefer women dressed with a style but modestly. You can reveal all of your charms privately to him.

What do you think, what makes men lose interest in women? Share your thoughts in comments, we are looking forward to reading all of them!

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