"I WIll Nurse Him Until He Refuses." British Mom Breastfeeds Her 5-Year-Old Son And Encourages Others To Make The Right Choice

Date October 4, 2018 18:50

Breastfeeding is a process that is equally beneficial for both mother and baby. The question arises: how long should you practice BF? A year or two? Experts recommend breastfeeding your baby for 6 months. After half a year, you can add new sources of food as well as continue nursing for another 12 months.

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However, some mothers are adamant that these recommendations are outdated and that mothers should breastfeed their babies until they refuse to be nursed. As the arguments for such opinion, they appeal to the undoubted benefits of breast milk. Did you know that there have been women who breastfed their children up to the age of 10 ...

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This article is about Amy Hardcastle, a singer, songwriter, and mother from the UK. Amy belongs to the category of mothers who plan to feed babies as long as they want it themselves. She made a real sensation on the Web when she posted a naked photo with her son on Instagram.


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Max was born in July 2013, and at first, Amy was uncomfortable breastfeeding him. At 4 weeks, she almost decided to stop nursing due to some lactation problems, but fortunately, everything turned out well. She quickly became a fan of breastfeeding, especially when she learned about the beneficial properties of breast milk. Amy knew she didn't want to deprive her son of such a valuable source of energy, vitamins, and macroelements.


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When her son turned 6 months old, Amy added other baby foods to his diet. Now Max is 5 years old, and several times a week he asks his mother to breastfeed him. Neither Amy nor her son plans to stop doing it in the nearest future.


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Amy writes on her Instagram page:

It’s very nerve wracking to publicly post pictures of breastfeeding an older child but i try and advocate for what I think is important and if anyone does a smidge of research they would see how wonderful and natural it is and I am not interested in uninformed opinions

Her goal is to prove to other moms that it is normal to breastfeed "older" children. Even the negative reaction to some posts cannot stop Amy from pursuing her goal.


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Amy clarifies her position:

I do not judge other moms who have a different point of view. I just want every woman to be able to make the right choice in the breastfeeding question.

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And how do you feel about this mom's decision? Is it too much or maybe her position makes sense to you? Share your opinion in the comments!

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