Mother Was Told That Her Newborn Daughter Was Burnt Alive. 6 Years Later She Accidentally Recognized Her Thanks To One Special Feature!

Date October 1, 2018 18:51

Different situations can happen in this life. And some of them can be hard to believe. Here's another one that will make you feel like wonders are real, as such a horrible beginning led to an absolutely miraculous ending.

Luz Cuevas and her newborn daughter were in the house when a fire began. A girl who was 10 days old, named Delimar slept on the second floor. Luz ran upstairs to save the baby, but the baby was not in her bed. Also, the window was open, although it was a cold winter evening. The girl's mother was severely burnt and almost suffocated by carbon monoxide. When firefighters and police arrived, she tried to tell them that her baby was kidnapped, but no one would believe her.


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The mother's words were not taken seriously, as she was very nervous. She was told that the child died in the fire.

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Six years later, at one of the children's birthday parties, Luz saw a dark-haired girl named Aaliyah. It seemed to the woman that her dimples on the cheeks were exactly the same as those of her deceased daughter.

Luz asked the girl to do her hair, collecting a few hairs from her head. She'd seen this cop trick on TV once. Then she sent the hair for DNA testing in the lab. And it turned out that Alaya was indeed Delimar, who "died " 6 years ago.

The police once again opened the case and began the investigation. It turned out that the girl was taken by Carolyn Correa, Luz's cousin by marriage. To cover her tracks, the woman decided to set the house on fire. Correa took the child to another state and raised her as her own.

As a result, the woman was imprisoned in 2005, and Delimar returned to her biological mother. Correa was granted parole in 2014.


This story seemed exciting and wonderful to many people, including film-producers Larry A. Thompson and Harvey Kahn, who took it as a basis for the plot of their movie "Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story." The movie was released in the United States in 2008.

In the photo below, you see the girl and her mom, as well as the actresses who played them in the film.


We wish Luz and her daughter never to lose each other again. This life story is truly unbelievable and worth to be filmed, isn't it?

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