Should Husband And Wife Sleep In Separate Beds? 7 Benefits For Relationship

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May 30, 2018 18:04 By Fabiosa

If you still think that sleeping in separate bedrooms is a straight way to a divorce, then you may consider this information. Psychologists believe that the marriage can only benefit if the husband and the wife don’t share a bed every night. It is not surprising that there is an increasing number of couples who refuse to follow the tradition of sleeping in the same bed!

Experts named 7 benefits of separate sleeping for a relationship. Here are some positive changes that may happen if you stop sleeping next to each other.

1. You will have a relaxing and healthy sleep

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If you have been sharing a bed with your spouse for many years, you must have completely forgotten what a fully relaxed sleep is. Usually, while sleeping together, partners involuntarily wake each other up 5-6 times a night.

You may be distracted by your partner’s snoring, mumbling, turning, pulling a blanket and many other things. This violation of your natural rhythm has an adverse effect on health. For example, it is common for a lack of sleep to cause obesity or depression.

2. You will be intimate only when the desire is mutual

Separate sleeping can help prevent disappointment in that one of the partners, not feeling like it, has to turn down the other. You won’t have to agree to sex only because you don’t want to hurt your loved one’s feelings!

3. You will feel more desired by each other

If spouses sleep away from each other at least once in a while, it is easier for them to stay interested and keep some novelty in bed.

Since good sleep helps to avoid overeating and gives extra strength for physical activities, you will soon feel more attractive and sexy.

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4. You will value time spent together more

Separate sleeping gives the spouses an opportunity to truly enjoy intimacy, not take it as a given. 

5. You will fight less

A lack of sleep and frequent awakenings make people more irritable, which may lead to snapping at the close ones. Snoring or troubled sleep of one of the spouses will turn the whole experience of sleeping in one bed into a torture.

After having a good sleep spouses will take better care of each other!

6. You will both get more private time

During the day grown-ups don’t have a lot of 'me-time'. Sleeping together at nights deprives both spouses of personal space, which is vital to look back at the day that passed, reevaluate something, and make plans for the future.

7. You will be able to keep romance for a long time

All people do some involuntary things in sleep: snore, turn, and, pardon, pass gas. These natural things can prevent your partner from having a healthy sleep. It also can be quite annoying.

Naturally, your beloved spouse will keep silent, but what about disillusion? Why put your marriage to such test?

If it is too radical for you to start sleeping separately, just give it a try sometimes. But if you prefer to fall asleep cuddling, then keep it right on!

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