She Weighed 200 Pounds At The Age Of 9 And Suffered From Constant Teasing At School. Now, She Is Unrecognizable

Date July 24, 2018 14:18

There is no such notion as the ideal weight; each person has their own norm. However, if you skip the aesthetic component, overweight will bring huge harm to your health. The person then suffers from the extra pounds pushing from everywhere on the heart, joints, thus drastically shortening the time left to live.

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Obesity in children is no less dangerous. In order not to obtain health problems at an early age, it is important for parents to approach a child’s eating habits with full responsibility. In case of the tiniest issues noticed, it is necessary to resort to a doctor to adjust the deviations.

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Our today’s heroine is Breanna Bond. The girl weighed almost 200 lbs at the age of 9. The poor kid was already on the road to hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. It already became difficult for her to walk. Breanna hated school. She was constantly teased for being overweight, and her self-esteem crawled down day after day.

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Breanna was taken to the doctors. Psychologists and endocrinologists put their hands up, saying everything is still completely fine, but the girl urgently needs to adhere to proper nutrition.

In her family, the healthy eating habits were absent. Their menu included fast food, chips, and soda. However, Breanne suffered the most from such ration. Luckily, having reconsidered their life, her parents decided to take matters into their own hands.

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The intention was firm and not subject to any appeals. For the beginning, it was decided to revise the diet, and reduce the fat composition to 0.7 oz daily. No more, no less. Soon, Breanne felt the desired revelation: the entire family began to follow these rules.

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In addition, daily walking was included in Breanna’s everyday routine. The girl started from a few hundreds of meters, gradually increasing the distance to 4 miles per day. Later, Breanna began to engage in basketball and swimming.

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Slowly but surely, Breanna returned to the normal weight for her age. Now, this cutie doesn’t remind the plus-size girl she was a few years ago.

It’s awesome the girl’s parents did not let things go by themselves but started solving the problem timely. Amazing!

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