Best Places To Give Birth To Your Children: Experts Named The Most Appealing Country

Date July 30, 2018 13:30

There is no better place than home. Even though some people will completely agree with the statement, others, who are tired of the surrounding tedious lifestyle, are just eager to give up everything just to move to the country of their dreams.

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When the possible emigrants choose the place to move to, they thoroughly assess all advantages and drawbacks. They look for the better healthcare system, high salaries, and low taxes. Today, we decided to talk about another important issue and find out what country is the best to give birth to and raise your future children.

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U.S. News has recently compiled a rating of “ideal” countries to start growing your family. They took the most important eight components to evaluate the best living places: human rights protection, family values, gender equality, happiness level, income level, security, developed education system and developed healthcare system.

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The results turned out to be quite interesting: the Scandinavian countries are the most appealing places to start the lives of your children.

5th place – Canada

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According to Canada’s Labor Code, employees are entitled to 12 weeks of maternity leave before the birth and 17 weeks after the birth. If necessary, the employer provides the parents with the needed insurance.

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4th place – Finland

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Living in Finland, future mothers can go on paid maternity leave 7 weeks before the expected day of childbirth. In addition, the country pays 16 weeks the “baby vacation” for mothers and 8 weeks for fathers.

3rd place – Norway

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Norwegian women were even more fortunate. Moms can take 35 weeks of maternity leave with full reimbursement or 45 weeks with an 80% refund. Fathers can expect up to 10 weeks of paternity leave. The number of weeks depends on the salary level of the spouse.

2nd place – Sweden

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The previous two years, Sweden held the leading position in this rating, but in 2018 descended a step-down. Maternity leave in this country is 480 days – 240 for each parent. The state is more profitable if both parents take a vacation in half, and in addition, receive $1200. This contributes to gender equality preservation and also helps parents not to lose their professional skills.

1st place – Denmark

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This year, Denmark finally won “the gold medal” in the rating. Both father and mother are entitled to 52 weeks of maternity leave. The days are distributed accordingly: a future mother can go on vacation 4 weeks before the expected day of childbirth. Another 14 weeks, can be spent on recovery after the birth of the baby. The father can take a 2-week vacation, which he can use 14 weeks after the baby’s birth. The rest 32 weeks the parents can distribute among themselves as they wish. Well, that is extremely convenient!

Do you have any experience in raising children in other countries? What about the Scandinavian region? Share your stories in the comments!

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