“Mommy, Why Is Your Bra In Daddy’s Car?” 4-Year-Old Came Close To Ruining Her Parents' Marriage

Date September 6, 2018 09:52

There is a French saying: little children – little worries; bigger children – bigger worries.

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Well, some children get ahead of their age. Like this little girl who managed to set her parents’ nerves on edge!


Some time ago, Twitter user AngryManTV shared a hilarious story that had happened to him earlier. His 4-year-old daughter put him on the spot with a simple question.

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With her tiny voice, the 4-year-old asked her mother why her bra was in the father’s car…

Here is how the story developed:

The spouses were very relieved to discover it was just a protective face mask.

The walk down to the garage must have been an ordeal for this man.

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