"Happily Ever After": Scientists Found The Happiest Period In Marriage

Date May 15, 2018

"They lived happily ever after and died on the same day." You can come across these words in fairytales or romantic novels. But is there a place for it in the real life?

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Eventually, every married couple feels their passion fading away. They encounter more misunderstandings and quarrels. And can’t stop but think if they have made the right choice marrying this person.

If you feel there’s no love left, and a habit is all that remained this is not a reason to despair and file for divorce. We have good news for you!

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A study conducted by scientists of Pennsylvania State University and Brigham Young University revealed that couples married for more than 20 years are much happier than newlyweds.

2,034 married couples took part in this research. The average age of male and female respondents was 37 and 35 years respectively. 

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It was discovered that satisfaction with married life is gradually decreasing during first 20 years. But then recovers and stabilizes. Same was observed in the level of satisfaction with quality-time spent together. The scientists say:

Although divorces are very common nowadays, almost half of the marriages last the whole life. The results indicate that the longer the marriage lasts, the more it’s likely to be a happy one.

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Studies also show that couples find a deeper level of appreciation after many years of living together which leads to satisfaction with the partner. Harry Benson, the research director, says:

An idea of couples hating each other more with years is a cliché, suggested by mass culture,

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If you experience a downfall of your relationship, a divorce is not always the best solution. Just keep in mind that on your "china wedding" you will be able to say with a full confidence: "We are truly happy together!"

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