Model Went Trough Obesity, Bullying, Anorexia, But Eventually Has Found Happiness

Date December 3, 2018 19:14

This is a story about a girl who fought against obesity and then with anorexia. But after the long and hard period, she became a nutritionist and turned into real Barbie.

Almost the whole life, 24-year-old Lola Pahkinamaki suffered from bullying because of her weight. Her family and mates laughed at her. To allay the psychological pain, the girl was eating even more.

At a certain point, Lola pulled herself together and decided to lose weight. But, unfortunately, she has got an eating disorder, which led her to anorexia.

She lost 34 kilos. During that period, she ate one apple and devoted more than 4 hours to training per day.

After the long fight with her eating disorder, Lola got well and is totally satisfied with her 50 kilos. Now, she works as nutritionist and offers consultations on a healthy diet.

Lola became a real Instagram star. She has more than 47 thousands of subscribers. They call her "fitness-Barbie" because of her look; however, she is not offended.

The girl shared her memories:

In childhood, I always loved Barbie, but I would never believe that I will look like her. Bullies laughed at me, calling Barbie, because they all knew I'm different from those dolls. For years, I tortured my body, allowing other people persuade me in my worthlessness.

Lola told that Barbie became for her a kind of a guardian-angel that makes her feel confident.

The girl left a message to others:

I want to tell all people: don't try to lose weight or change your body for someone else. Their opinion is not that important. Only your feelings matter.

Lola has shared that she accepted her overweight body in her childhood. But the older she became, the more she changed. Her grandfather was constantly giving comments on her figure. At school, things became even worse.

The girl strictly limited herself in food, which led to anorexia and urgent hospitalization. She had to fully change her lifestyle:

One of the most important things that helped me recover is total self-acceptantce. I will never ever change my body for someone else.

Also, she revealed a secret of her diet. The girl confessed that she eats healthy food and only when feeling hungry. It is very important to listen to your body.

In the fierce attempt to get slim, one should remember not to run to extremes as Lola did. Her strict diet limitations led to negative consequences. The girl was incredibly lucky to recover.

But now she promotes a healthy lifestyle helping other people. Way to go!!