Inspiring Photos Of 13 People Who Have Beaten Cancer


June 29, 2018 11:25 By Fabiosa

There are not many other challenges life can throw at you as hard to fight as cancer. But if there is anything tougher than this disease, it’s people who have battled it!

All of the people in the pictures below have beaten one of the main causes of death in the world. Some of them were children when they were told this terrible diagnosis. Others were told they would have only few months left to live. Still, others were told there was 10% chance they could survive.

Ovarian cancer, brain tumor, leukemia or rhabdomyosarcoma – these brave people didn’t give in. And the terminal disease was defeated by the immense power of human will!

1. 3 cancer recurrences, 4 major surgeries, 55 chemotherapy sessions, 28 radiation sessions, and I survived!

2. This brave young lady has beaten cancer within a year!

First and last day of 1st grade- she kicked cancers ass! from r/pics

3. She has every reason to be proud of herself!


Публикация от Kay Kay (@iikaykay)

4. Look at what this lady has come through! Now she has the whole life ahead of her!

Today, I am officially 10 years cancer free! Here is a before and after photo to show how far I've come. Kicking cancer's ass 10 years and counting! from r/pics

5. Sophia battled cancer 3 years ago. Now, she is completely healthy!

6. This young man hasn’t lost his sense of humor. Sure it’ll grow back. The hair, of course!

Missing the hair, not the brain tumor. Here's to one week cancer-free! from r/pics

7. It takes a lot of courage to take that risk. Fortunately, it worked out.

I beat Cancer!

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8. Even doctors can get it wrong sometimes. Believe in yourself!

Exactly one year ago to the day... Stage IV Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer Survivor. 19 years old. Was given three months to live, 14 months later I am clear of cancer. from r/pics

9. The journey took her 2 hard years. But in the end, she came on top!

10. “Didn’t think I would ever leave the hospital. But thanks to my courage and persistence I’ve done it!”


Публикация от Jane  (@janeandersen_)

11. It’s been less than a year…

About 8 months ago I posted a photo of myself and my ID showing the progress I've made post cancer. I've made even more progress! from r/pics

12. It looks like staying positive does pay off!

13. “In late 2013 I beat cancer. Scroll down to see how I look now!”

These people deserve admiration! They’ve managed to win their right to live in the deadliest of fights!

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