Little Rapunzel From Tel Aviv: How A Cute Israeli Kid Managed To Conquer Social Media With Her Magnificent Hair

Date September 7, 2018 09:08

Perhaps, every woman would like to have immaculate long hair, wouldn’t she? Similar to the one that is advertised in shampoo commercials. However, in reality, nature is hardly ever generous for the Rapunzel-style hair. Luckily, our today’s heroine was lucky to have the most luxurious curls ever seen in real life!

Little Mia Aflalo became famous in the whole world thanks to her incredibly thick hair. The child was even named Rapunzel from Tel Aviv.

Saga Dahari, an Israeli hairdresser, was the first to mention about the unusual girl. He made a haircut for a cute client and published her photo on his Instagram. The reaction was expectable – Mia impressed everyone.

Little is known about the kid, but already more than 46 thousand people have followed her account on Instagram. Even though there aren’t many photos in the girl’s profile, Mia has already become an Israeli superstar!

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As Saga says, Mia is a very patient girl. She quietly sits in the chair, while he makes her hair, which, by the way, is very difficult!

Mia is said to have already evoked interest in British Vogue! The girl can already start building a modeling career. She must already have a lot of advertising offers!

Haters claim this hair is nothing but a wig. However, Saga denied all the speculation, arguing that the hair naturalness is perfectly visible in the video.


Публикация от Mia Aflalo (@miaaflalo)

Do you like the hair of this little Rapunzel? Do you believe it is truly not a wig? Share your opinions in the comments.

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