Guilt-Ridden Shoplifter Returns Money For Chocolate Bars Stolen 43 Years Ago

Date July 20, 2018 15:48

Recently, one of the British supermarkets has posted a photo of a strange letter they received.

In this letter, there was a confession of a crime committed… 43 years ago. 

What was this crime that was obviously eating the perpetrator away with guilt?

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It turns out that in childhood, an anonymous author of the letter had stolen two chocolate bars from a Liverpool shopping center.

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Perhaps, the chocolate thief was growing up in a family of modest means with no extra money for sweets. Perhaps, the child envied his peers, who could simply walk in a store and buy everything they fancied. Most likely, this is what led the child on the path of crime.

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Not only was there a confession in the letter, there also was money, 5 pounds, to be precise. Back in 1975, it was the cost of the two ill-fated chocolates, which have apparently haunted the sender for almost half a century.

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This seemingly funny and strange occurrence delighted the administration of the store. The owners expressed their gratitude to the repentant criminal and added that such action «bring back the faith in humanity».

They say that clear conscience is the softest pillow. Now, we know, somewhere in Britain, there is a man with clear conscience.

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