Three Years Of Hard Working Turned This Obese Girl Into A Real Weightlifter

Date July 11, 2018 15:03

What a miracle: the transformation of a young girl named Laura Micetich took the Internet by the storm and brought the determined cutie her eternal popularity.

Previously called the “iron giant,” Laura weighed 310 lbs and suffered from high blood pressure and many other diseases caused by excessive weight. Doctors warned her she would not be able to make it too long unless she understood the outcomes of the situation.

Laura did not want to admit her problem. According to the girl, her ignorance was the root of the evil. Therefore, the first step on the way to losing weight was the realization she had extra weight and understanding she was obese.

Her strong willpower and “iron” character helped her change her entire life.

It was 2014 when Laura decided to pull herself together and take the first step toward achieving her goal - a beautiful and healthy body.

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When she started visiting the gym, she fell in love with weightlifting, as she always considered herself a strong young lady. In addition, she revised her diet and refused from sugar and junk food. Everyday workouts and healthy food immediately gave the desired effect – soon Laura saw the first results:

It took only a couple of weeks of exercising to realize I do not need to lay down under the knife - I need to get myself a heavy barbell.

I started to practice in the gym almost every day and also read a lot of literature on proper nutrition, fitness, and health.

During the first year, I lost more than 100 lbs without any surgery and began to lead a much healthier lifestyle.

Patience, work, and love towards yourself is the best recipe to have everything come together!

Now, she weighs 195 lbs, and she looks simply stunning. The girl’s transformation was witnessed by more than 300,000 subscribers who followed her microblogging full of Laura’s motivation, inspiration, and tremendous accomplishments.

Well, bravo, Laura! Your force of will is admirable!

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