Terminally Ill Father Made His 11-Year-Old Daughter’s Dream Come True Walking Her Down The Aisle

Date May 17, 2018

Loving parents are ready to do a lot to grant their children’s wishes. The only thing they can’t do is to prolong their life in case of health problems. A story of Zetz family is a moving and a sad example of this.

Jim and Grace met during their college years in California and got married after graduation. Their union was strong, and the spouses loved and supported each other. Together they have brought up children and grandchildren.

When in his 50 Jim became a grandfather for the first time, his wife doubled his joy with the more good news – she was pregnant! In due time a girl was born and named Josie. She became the joy of the couple, as all the children in their family were grown, but Jim and Grace were still eager to take care of somebody.

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Everybody knew Jim and Grace to be loving parents, always ready to support their children and grandchildren.

After a while, news of Jim’s terminal illness darkened the family’s happiness. It was a terrible blow for everybody, especially for 10-year-old Josie, as they had a special connection.

Jim was running out of days predicted by doctors. It broke the man’s heart that he wouldn’t make his youngest daughter’s dream come true – walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. 

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And the father came up with an unexpected solution to arrange the wedding ceremony as if his daughter was getting married. They kept it real: white dress, hairstyle, guests, a photographer, a festive table with treats. And a happy dad right next to the bride.

On the day of her “wedding”, the father led his daughter to the registry office and stayed with her for the whole ceremony holding her hand. It was beautiful and moving. 

Watch this emotional video of the event.

Share your impressions. And, admit it, you reached for a napkin, didn’t you?

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