Geminis Aren't Two-Faced And Capricorns Aren't Boring. Myths About The 12 Zodiac Signs

Date February 20, 2019

Cancers are overly sensitive and Tauruses are stubborn. Each sign of the horoscope is wrapped in myths and stereotypes which are only partly true. There can be advantages and kindness hiding behind the signs' "bad sides;" you just need to look a little bit more closely.


Myth: Aggressive, problematic

Truth: Aries people are stubborn and straightforward. However, they won't pick a fight for no reason. If this sign is breathing fire, most likely, his or her personals interests are involved. Aries flare up quickly, but they also calm down easily.

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Myth: Lazy, eat a lot, pessimistic

Truth: Perhaps Tauruses want to lie in a cozy bed and do nothing. But in reality, this sign's representatives are perfectionists who never do what they don't like. But they will use all their energy and find all the opportunities to achieve their goal.


Myth: Two-faced, liars

Truth: They have versatile personalities that are sometimes hard to understand. However, their ability to change is what helps them to be flexible in interactions.


Myth: Overly emotional and weak

Truth: Cancers are open and generous people. But it doesn't mean that they can become soft and give up in any life situation. They are determined people and they don't give up until they reach their targets.


Myth: Proud, selfish

Truth: Most times, it's a mask and there's self-consciousness and a need for love hiding behind it. In reality, Leos get really attached to people who care about them and they are ready to do many things for their friends.


Myth: Antisocial, critical

Truth: Virgos are considered to be reserved people who are skeptical about others. But close friends know that they are quite sincere and sociable. Virgo won't open up to a stranger, so it just takes time to earn their trust.


Myth: Hypocritical, manipulative

Truth: This sign's representatives can really conceal something, but only to not hurt close people's feelings. This is exactly why Libra is considered the best diplomats.


Myth: Secretive, proud

Truth: Scorpios have dignity, so you might get the impression that they think they're superior to others. Scorpios are extremely cautious with people, but they are willing to do anything for their friends and family.

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Myth: Fun-lovers

Truth: These energetic and determined people are ready to share their positive attitude with others. However, there's often a sensitive soul full of doubt hiding behind the mask of fun.


Myth: Arrogant, focused

Truth: It is difficult indeed to ask a Capricorn out for a coffee unless it is business-related. But they have their stubborn nature and effort to thank for their achievements.


Myth: Superficial, carefree

Truth: Aquarians are often considered to be carefree, where in fact they can be great friends and experience deep feelings. But only to those who deserve it, in their opinion.


Myth: Unpleased, hysterical, eccentric

Truth: This sign's representatives are difficult to understand at times. But their rich imagination and dreaminess help them to protect themselves from the troubles of real life.

Each zodiac sign has its own traits, but every coin has its flip side. Do you agree with these findings?

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