Girl Couldn't Afford A Prom Dress And Her Date Sewed Her Outfit Single-Handedly

Date May 24, 2019 09:47

Some of us are willing to go to any lengths for a close person, even learn a new skill.

A highschool student, Parker Smith, from Pendleton, Indiana, has a prom in May. The guy was planning to have his friend, Addi Rust, as his prom date, but she didn't have an evening dress. The girl found a gown that she liked, but it was ridiculously expensive.

Then the girl jokingly said: "Parker, why don’t you just make my prom dress!" They laughed about it, but Smith took his friend's suggestion seriously and got to work shortly.

The guy, who had never held a needle in his hands before, single-handedly prepared a design for the dress and started learning to tailor. He had been mastering the craft of clothes making for many months - not without his grandmother's help.

Parker wanted his friend's gown to be flawless, that's why he changed the design several times in the process. IT wasn't an easy task to do, but Smith didn't think for a moment about quitting.

Although Addi had seen her future outfit on different stages of making, the final result still amazed her. Parker created a delightful light blue gown which made her feel like a true princess.

— Smith shared on his Twitter page.

Parker clearly has a gift for tailoring. We wonder if he plans to develop it. Perhaps, he will become a successful fashion designer?