Guy Posted A List Of Requirements For The Perfect Woman. Girls' Comebacks Followed Quickly!

Date March 7, 2019

How do you see your perfect life partner? We all have our own opinions about this, but perhaps very few of us will present this list of requirements to our significant other. Unlike the subject of today's story.

Twitter user Alexander Cortes ‏shared a list of qualities a girl should have on his account.

How to be a Beautiful Woman:
— Be thin;
— Be able to cook;
— Have long hair;
— Wear make-up;
— Be feminine;
— Be graceful;
— Be Sensual;
— Shave (should without saying);
— Be fashionable;
— Wear pink and feminine colors;
— Love men;
— Listen to men.

Stay classy ladies!

— summed up Cortes.

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Perhaps, initially the guy was simply trying to give ladies a little hint, but this list caused outrage in many girls and gathered numerous wrathful comments.

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Of course, ladies got interested in how the man looks since he has so many requirements for women. Alexander was up to the task and shared a couple of selfies with Twitter users, but this time he also didn't avoid criticism and mockery.

On the topic, one girl made her own list of traits a perfect man should have:

How to be a handsome man:
— jacked;
— able to cook;
— proper hair cut;
— clean, presentable & fashionable;
— masculine -  (even in pink);
— lithe, fit;
— sensual ( without being ridiculous);
— solvent;
— clean shaven;
— Love & listen to women.

Get classy gentlemen!

For what it's worth, Alexander's tweets have quickly spread around social media and caused outrage of thousands of users.

Do you agree with the lists of a perfect woman and man? Share your opinion in the comments!

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