Hard To Believe But 17-Year-Old Emma Was Born In A Male Body!

Date December 27, 2018 13:32

Transgender people have a gender identity that doesn't match their assigned sex. Many of them live feeling that there's something wrong with their bodies from an early age. What's even worse is that they can't understand what exactly. Therefore, most times they realize their true essence when they're older. Many of them never open up to their family and friends because of the fear of being rejected. In most cases, they experience severe stress connected with not being accepted.

But Emma Ellingsen's story is an exception. At the age of 9, she came out to her family as a transgender. They supported her and now she's a popular blogger, model, and happy person.


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In 2018, Emma took a break from her school studies to focus on her career as a model and social media blogger. She has only 2 years before graduation but she reckons she did everything right. Her parents, again, were nothing but supportive.


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I look at it as work, because I do make and try to make money, but I also do it for my own pleasure.


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The girl created her Instagram profile when she was still in 6th grade. Now she has over 300,000 followers, many of which support her. This is where she posts her best photographs, while on her YouTube channel she shares her beauty routine, make-up tutorials, and tests the latest in cosmetic products. On the internet, she got a nickname "Norwegian Kendall Jenner."


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Emma knew that not everyone on the internet would be ready to accept her. The girl expected criticism. But she's glad that she has inspired some people to come out and be themselves like she did.


Публикация от EMMA (@emmaellingsenn)

What do you think of the girl's decision to come out and then leave school to work? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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