Lavish Spenders! 6 Splurgers Of The Zodiac

Date February 25, 2019 13:41

Many people are familiar with the problem of lavishness. Some sweep everything off the shelves in jewelry stores and then can only barely afford to buy food; others can't control themselves in the grocery store. Then there are people who buy tickets to concerts and gym membership cards they eventually never use. The horoscope can tell you whether your shopping spree urges are connected with the stars.

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Splurgers of the zodiac

It turns out that people can be overly lavish because that's the way the stars influence them. Check whether you are on this list.


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Impulsive representatives of this sign make purchases without much hesitation. I came, I saw, I bought. Therefore, they might run into financial issues.


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They only want the best and quality things, so they'll do anything to obtain them. To be precise, they will spend anything. But at the same time, they know how hard it is to earn money, so they spend it with maximum efficiency.


If there's no real need to save, money doesn't stay in Geminis' purses for long. Fun, pretty things, impulse buys, charity – their list of expenses may be infinite. They may regret it later, but it can't bring the money back.


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They like to buy presents for themselves and others on any occasion or even without one. Leos can splash out on any little thing. They often exceed the limits of acceptable expenditures.


It's easy to spend money on traveling, luxurious hotels, sophisticated dishes – all of this is natural for Sagittarians. They don't watch their expenses, but the funds magically appear at the right moment.


Swimming in their stream, Pisces know how to earn good money. Yet, keeping it and using it wisely is not their mojo. They are masters of impulsive purchases after which their wallet needs refilling.

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If you are on this list, remember a few simple rules to help you stop wasting money on unnecessary things:

  • make a list of big purchases for a period of 30 days;
  • always have a list when going shopping;
  • don't go shopping because you're bored;
  • don't use your credit card unnecessarily.

We hope you can cope with your impulses in the shops and you that won't waste your money.

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