Logical Riddle: Who Holds A Senior Position?


February 19, 2019 14:32 By Fabiosa

Dress code is an indispensable attribute of office life. Its importance resides in the fact that employees' clothes shouldn't disrupt the working atmosphere. Bright colors, deep cleavages, or torn jeans can shift the colleagues' focus to something other than the set tasks, which can consequently lead to overall lack of organization and subordination.

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Therefore, many companies have certain rules employees should abide by and dress accordingly. And, of course, the higher the position, the tougher the requirements. A smart suit, watch, and polished shoes – solely by the look of this, it is clear: "the boss is here."

Can you use your logic and insight, though, to determine which of the men below has a senior position?

Logical Riddle: Who Holds A Senior Position?

You've made up your mind? Wait, before giving the answer, please, look through our suggestions. Our editorial board has studied the pictures thoroughly and has come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as the right answer here and any of the options is acceptable for a manager. What are our assumptions based on? Well...

1. The man wearing jeans and a sweater

Logical Riddle: Who Holds A Senior Position?

Yes, his looks violate the dress code of, say, a financial institution, but this man may be a freelancer or... a software developer. Dress code in IT companies is significantly more simplified and such remarkable managers as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg prefer casual clothes over suits. Therefore, the man wearing jeans and a sweater in the modern world can totally be at least a department manager or even the boss of the whole company.

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2. The man standing by a diagram

Logical Riddle: Who Holds A Senior Position?

The first impression you get is that he's a personal development coach or a teacher. He is dressed rather smart, yet he is giving a speech. Do "big bosses" behave this way? In the present-day world – yes. It is common for many companies to have staff development programmes and an experienced manager delivers information to employees such as what to do to sell your service or a product better, as who knows how the business works better than the boss?

3. The man by the window

Logical Riddle: Who Holds A Senior Position?

Here we can see a powerful pose and a personal office which is evident from the jacket hanging on the chair. Everything says that this man has a high position. Furthermore, it's a late night and he seems to be focused on finding the right decision for a global issue. Well, let's not bother our hero – who knows, perhaps he is contemplating about the problems of his firm at the moment... or even the whole country. 

In the age of technology and communication, many stereotypes fade, giving way to professionalism and determination. Nonetheless, there are a few things that are ever-present: mutual respect and following the rules of subordination. Although, perhaps you have other arguments to the question we asked? Please, share with us in the comments – we're curious to hear!

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