Not So Different After All: Copycat Zodiac Signs


January 9, 2019 16:31 By Fabiosa

Each zodiac sign has its own unique features which make it stand out from the crowd. It might seem impossible that impulsive and hot-tempered Aries could copy reserved Taurus while dignified Leo is ready to have some rest from being in the spotlight and enjoy peace. It appears that they can! Some astrologers have a theory that each sign unconsciously copies the one that comes after it. So here's what we get.


Sometimes the fiery sheep is curious to peep at what the stubborn Taurus is doing. Oh, how irritating this smug is to the creative Aries! With his 3-story house, expensive paintings and invitations to formal receptions! Maybe Aries wants all of that too. So the only obvious way to get it seems to be copying the character features such as arrogance, self-confidence, and love for expensive things.



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Meanwhile, Taurus gets tired of being so proud. Or maybe not. Anyway, he or she doesn't mind borrowing the Gemini's skill of communicating easily and finding an approach to people.




They just love company and fun; however, sometimes Gemini might get in trouble because of being a little naïve. Therefore, ever so often, this sign acquires Cancer's empathy to feel other people.




Sensitive Cancers literally see through people which sometimes upsets them and makes them refrain from any kind of communication. Hence, the representatives of this sign find it appealing to try on Leo's inner tranquility and love for benevolence.




The representatives of this sign get so hung up on their aspiration to impress everyone that they fail to notice how demanding they become towards themselves as well as other people. Pragmatism and the good kind of self-reflection are the two characteristics of Virgo that help Leos analyze their actions thoroughly and understand themselves better.




Every once in a while, Virgos need to relax, put aside their analytical articles and breathe in fresh air. A little adventurism borrowed from Libra will only do them good.




Sometimes excessive sensitivity and vulnerability push people away. But it only takes a little of Scorpio's confidence and determination for Libra to change things around.



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This sign possesses special magnetism and is used to getting only the best. Ambitions don't let Scorpios relax and rest. Fortunately, the Sagittarius's optimism and independence help Scorpios catch their breath and enjoy life a little.




The true fidget of the zodiac circle strives for emotions and adventures, and doesn't accept any boundaries. However, when they have to, they easily copy Capricorn's responsibility and ambition.

Not So Different After All: Copycat Zodiac SignsEnnona Gavrilova_Ellina /


Capricorns want it all and they want it now – career-wise, at home, and among friends. However, their feeling of superiority sometimes gets in the way of establishing a connection with others. Aquarius's features such as being carefree and easy-going help Capricorns to smooth things over.

Not So Different After All: Copycat Zodiac SignsEnnona Gavrilova_Ellina /


They absolutely love socializing, but there are very few people they can really trust. Therefore,  Aquarians desperately need the perfect intuition Pisces have.

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Romantic and a little cautious, Pisces find it hard to deal with life. But don't be surprised if the goldfish suddenly turns into a piranha or a showbiz shark: it's all due to the impact of Aries.



Do you ever find yourself acting like this?

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