Paparazzi Caught A Popular Plus-Size Model On Camera At The Beach. How The Girl Looks Without Photoshop

Date May 24, 2019 09:48

Most of us trust people, magazines and our own eyes as well when we find material on the topic we're interested in. For instance, there are quite a few people in the world with imperfect appearance and body who can still not get hung up on their flaws. They've learned to love themselves and are ready to share their experience with others.


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Especially, when it comes to plus-size models, most of whom are advocates for body-positivity. Women of the similar build as the models find them inspirational, it helps them to love themselves in their bodies and not despair.


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However, plus-size models often don't look that fit without Photoshop. There are a lot of examples on social media where paparazzi take pictures of models on holiday and they are different from those that are placed on front covers of magazines or posted on their personal blogs where you can clearly see that they have been previously retouched.

But plus-size model Iskra was amazingly honest on Instagram.


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Публикация от i s k r a (@iskra)

In the pictures the model posts on Instagram she looks just as good as in the ones taken by paparazzi.


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The model and her boyfriend were spotted on the beach in Miami. Iskra is just as natural in real life as in the pictures.

Are you for honesty on social media or for photoshop that helps to maintain the image?