Perfection! The Only Way To Fry Mushrooms

Date December 25, 2018 18:28

Mushrooms are a perfect ingredient for many different dishes or an addition to the main course. The easiest and most available way is by frying them. Usually, people combine them with onions. Today we would like to offer you another option. We're certain you'll love it.

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You will need 18 oz Portobello mushrooms, olive oil for frying, 2-3 cloves of garlic, salt and some herbs to taste.

Preparation process has its secret:

  • put minced garlic into a preheated frying pan with olive oil;
  • wait till it's given the oil flavor but make sure it doesn't burn;
  • take the garlic out of the pan.

Add the sliced mushrooms to the flavorsome oil. It's preferable to have mushrooms of the same size for them to get fried evenly. If the mushrooms are small, you don't need to cut them.

We have a couple more tips we'd like to share.

1. Before frying, ensure that the mushrooms are dry. They are spongy which means they absorb water quickly if you wash them. Therefore, they will be simmered instead of being fried. A perfect solution would be cleaning them with a dry tissue.

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2. To achieve a perfect, even brown color, when you start the frying process, spread the sliced mushrooms evenly in a thin layer over the pan's surface. If there are too many mushrooms, use two frying pans.

3. Don't stir the mushrooms, shake the pan to fry them evenly.

4. If you want to add salt to the mushrooms, do it at the end of frying. This way, they won't give out extra moisture and will have a crispy crust.

5. The finishing touch before serving would be to sprinkle some cut herbs.

We hope that these tips will help you make an amazing mushroom dish and get the reputation of a brilliant cook.

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