Stranger Tried To Kidnap A 10-Year Old But Her Dog Taught Him A Lesson!

Date November 9, 2018 16:21

You never know where danger might be awaiting your child. Even a casual walk near the house may become catastrophic. In the story we're about to tell, a girl was an inch away from being kidnapped. She was so lucky to have a defender with her.

A 10-year old girl from Woodbridge, Virginia, was walking her dog near her house at around 3:50 pm. Everything was as per usual; it seemed nothing could go wrong. But suddenly, a stranger approached her and grabbed her by the arm. The girl's dog swiftly started defending her and bit the man. He let her go and ran away. Fortunately, the little victim escaped unharmed. The police didn't succeed in finding the suspect that day.

This story was posted on the Prince William County Police Department Facebook page. In the comments, web users instantly started praising the girl's defender: 

Oh, I just love dogs. He saved her! I hope he got a steak for dinner that night.

God Bless her dog! He reacted perfectly and protected her! Thank God he was by her side today!

Wow now I want a dog!!

That pup deserves a medal!


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Dogs have saved children's lives on numerous occasions. For instance, Nana Chai from Stockton (California) has a pit bull terrior, Sasha. One night, the dog was barking and woke her up to tell her there's something bad happening. When she saw the fire, she rushed to save the kids. In the children's bedroom, headed first was her pit bull, trying to drag her 7-month old daughter out of her cot by the diaper. Sasha outran the baby's mom in saving her.

Stranger Tried To Kidnap A 10-Year Old But Her Dog Taught Him A Lesson!Daily Mail / YouTube

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Another incident took place in Russia. A man attacked an 11-year old girl when she went out for a walk with her dog. He grabbed her legs and started dragging her. The dog bit through his muzzle and threw himself at the offender to protect his owner, to which the attacker immediately fled.

Stranger Tried To Kidnap A 10-Year Old But Her Dog Taught Him A Lesson!Luxorpictures /

Pet often rush to their owners' rescue. Let's protect our furry friends from violence. If you were impressed by the stories about dog-saviors, share them with your friends!

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