Never Give Up: A Girl Loses Her Leg To Cancer At Age 11 Later Becomes A Model

Date November 12, 2018 16:37

It's not unusual that the most horrible events in our lives only make us stronger. 29-year old Tessa Snyder, a mother of two children, can easily be characterized as a brave and strong-willed person, who can set an example for many people facing similar challenges.


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In 2000, when the American girl was only 11, her leg started to hurt. At first she didn't pay attention to it; however, the pain became more and more severe. When her parents took her to a doctor, she was diagnosed with cancer – right femoral bone osteosarcoma in particular. This news divided her life into "before" and "after."


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Tessa recalls being in the room with the surgeon as he handed her the biopsy results:

He stood in front of me and explained as simply as he could to an 11-year-old that I had cancer. 

After the diagnosis, there were seven months of chemotherapy she had to go through. Almost all this time Snyder spent in the hospital, where she was fed through a tube and lost her beautiful thick brown hair.


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Two months into chemo, Tessa was offered a leg amputation where the tumor was located, in order to prevent the further spread of the disease.

Even in my 11-year-old mind I thought if I could get rid of my leg and never have to go through this again, why not?

— the girl decided.


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Despite the fact that the operation helped to get rid of cancer cells, Tessa was faced with an uneasy task – learning to live with a prosthetic leg. According to the girl, the most difficult part was being at school, as she felt alienated. Though it took Snyder almost 20 years to come to terms with the artificial limb, she didn't want to give up even once.


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Now Tessa is a happy wife, mother and a model. She keeps a blog on Instagram, trying to inspire and motivate people with similar problems.


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Snyder doesn't feel shy of posting pictures of herself in a bikini and strutting down the runway with the artificial leg.


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This brave and remarkably stunning girl has proven once more to all of us that no matter what happens in your life, you mustn't give up and despair!

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