What Nerve! Girl Left Her Party Dress At Her Ex’s And After A While His Mother Rocked It!

Date March 5, 2019

There are different kinds of mothers-in-law or boyfriends' moms. Some of them adore their son's potential life partner, while others get defensive and competitive (subconsciously, of course) for whatever reason! You can only pity the young ladies who have to get along with the latter because it is a real challenge to 'share' your boyfriend with such a mama!

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Lillie Haines got a funny story out of it. For some time, she used to date Sam Eastwood, but something went wrong and the young people broke up. It was already too late when Lillie realized that she'd left her party dress at his place.

She had to say good-bye to the dress, but it wasn't the whole story!

Can you imagine Lillie's surprise when scrolling through photos of one party, she saw her ex-boyfriend's mom rocking her dress! 38-year-old Caroline Eastwood unashamedly posted the photos on her Facebook page!

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Lillie didn't fail to tell this story on Twitter. However, Caroline didn't leave Lillie's tweet without a response.

What Nerve! Girl Left Her Party Dress At Her Ex’s And After A While His Mother Rocked It!liliehaines1 / Twitter

Then Lillie claimed that she didn't want the dress back anyway.

This funny story was liked by 5.2 thousand Twitter users, and many started wondering: if Lillie had left the dress at his place, what was she wearing on her way home? What do you think? :)

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