Zodiac Signs With A Difficult Fate

Date May 24, 2019

There are people who can be called lucky. You may even know a few personally. Everything they start, as if by magic, comes out an immediate success. It makes it even harder for those who have to put an enormous amount of effort to achieve anything.

Who has the hardest lot?

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Fortunately, there are not so many people with a difficult fate among us. You can spot them by the zodiac signs, which have a significant effect on their character.


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Pessimism and caution, characteristic of Cancers, are good only in the most reckless situations. In ordinary life, these qualities stand in the way of their goals, because such people strive to analyze and figure everything out two moves ahead. It takes a lot of time and effort.


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The desire to do everything perfectly and according to the rules and instructions complicates Virgos’ relationships with others, as well as with themselves. They don't mind starting over several times until they are satisfied with the result. But by that time there is often no strength left for joy.


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Indecisive Pisces can hesitate for a long time until they make up their mind. It also takes them forever to start implementing what they’ve planned. Then, with a deadline around the corner, they will agree to drop everything and help someone. As a result, Pisces are completely drained.

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Even if you find yourself in this short list, don’t despair! Now you know your weaknesses and can work on them. May everything come easy for you!

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