Is The Client Always Right? A Fancy Restaurant Waiter Threw A Cake In A Rude Customer’s Face


November 8, 2018 15:24 By Fabiosa

The hospitality industry generally sticks to the sacred rule – the customer is always right. As far as the bosses and guests are concerned, employees should apologize and cover up any issue whatsoever.

But it seems that this rule doesn’t always apply. In one of the fancy restaurants, grumbling and rude girls got a cake and food thrown in their faces by waiters. Is the client always right?

Is The Client Always Right? A Fancy Restaurant Waiter Threw A Cake In A Rude Customer’s FaceMinerva Studio/

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A scandalous video was recorded in a restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine. In the video, two girls keep shouting at the waiters. One of the waiters finally loses his temper and throws a cake in the face of the female patron. The second employee decides to do the same and hurls the food he is holding at another girl.

By the way, the restaurant customer who shot the video defended the waiters, saying:

The girls were driving everybody nuts and attracting attention to their ‘refined personalities’ in every possible way.

I managed to get in on video. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I'm on the side of the waiters. How about you?

Watch the incident for yourself.


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The details of the conflict are unknown. It is hard to imagine what could make the girls go off like that.

The video got a mixed response from the web community. Some sided with the staff as they know that customers can be in the wrong:

Got what they deserved, bullies!

A waiter is not a whipping boy, as many customers think! You’ve got to have some manners!

Whatever the incident was, guests have no right to talk to employees like that.

Others believe that these waiters’ behavior was unacceptable, especially in an upscale restaurant:

A classy establishment like this! This wouldn’t be permissible even in a cheap joint!

Why the rule ‘the customer is always right’ is sometimes wrong

1. Employees suffer

If the customer is always right, then the employee is by definition always at fault, even if it is not the case. This means that nobody cares about the employees in this company. Why wouldn’t they hate their job then?

2. Not all customers are good for business

Rude customers bring a tiny amount of profit and a ton of worries in comparison with the rest.

3. Nice customers receive worse service

Rude customers know that they have the right to demand anything. And while employees are trying to please them, nice people receive less attention.


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Is the client always right? Does the staff have the right to retaliate? Let us know in the comments!

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