Double Eyebrows – Trend Or Madness?

Date May 23, 2019

Not a single day goes by without a new trend appearing on social media. And while some of them gain huge momentum and are instantly picked up by bloggers and celebrities, others do little more than raise a few eyebrows. Anyway, many of these strange trends are nothing more than just a way to have fun or exercise in creativity.

This is probably the way one of the latest Instagram trends came into being – double eyebrows or “Oreobrows” inspired by the world-famous cookies.


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The gist of it is to draw a light line over the eyebrow, and a dark one above it. This way, an eyebrow resembles layers of the well-known goody.


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It was the brand itself that launched the funny trend as part of its campaign “Some People’ll Do Anything For An Oreo.”


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The child made the majority of participants.


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By the way, there was even a contest and the winners got Oreo cookies as a gift.


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Unbrowlievable effort! You’re a winner! Send us a private message with your address and contact details within 14 days so we can send you your Oreo cookies 🙂

– the brand commented on the girl’s photo.

Well, it’s probably too soon to expect to see people with such eyebrows on the streets. But shy not fool around just for fun and sweet gifts, right?