Makeup Artist Turned A Plain Jane Into A True Goddess! What A Beauty She’s Become!

Date May 23, 2019

The process of applying makeup is not always beautiful. A makeup artist applies cosmetic products and spreads it across the face according to a contouring technique. For the meantime, a client may slightly resemble a clown. Surely, you have seen similar video tutorials. But the result is worth every bit of it – with the help of makeup, plain-looking girls look no worse than beauty pageant queens. We have prepared for you a selection of works of talented makeup artists that go by the Instagram nickname mlprobeauty.

Examples of “before” and “after” contouring and highlighting

A makeup artist mixes different shades of concealer and foundation for the best result. Just look how gorgeous it turns out to be in the end!

There is such a lovely heart painted on this client’s forehead! What is it doing there? The result speaks for itself. Great makeup!

You may be wondering what those orange circles under her eyes are. But again, the artist knows best!

How do you like these makeup skills? Do you use contouring for special occasions? Let us know in the comments!