Neighbor Annoyed The Girl With His Loud Night Music, So She Decided To Write Him A Letter And Bake Him A Cake

Date December 26, 2018 16:43

Our parents used to get acquainted with their neighbors in the form of an official ceremony. Nowadays, it is much less informal. Some people find it easy to live in neighboring flats while others are deep enemies, preventing each other from sleeping, eating, and merely going about one's daily tasks. This story shows that sometimes it is worth understanding people you share a building or fence with, even though they may be unbearable neighbors.



Candice Benbow recently moved to a new apartment and immediately faced an unexpected problem. One of her neighbors was listening to music very loud when everyone around him already wanted to sleep.

It’s 3am! My neighbor is having a party! His music is shaking my walls!

At first, Candice tried to tolerate with the stranger’s musical tastes, especially since she liked some of the tracks herself. However, she soon realized that if she wanted to get any sleep whatsoever, she needed to do something. Candice didn’t go to argue with the neighbor. Instead, she decided to do something completely different.

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To begin with, the resourceful girl wrote a letter where she described in detail her feelings about the musical situation.

When you get home every evening and blast your music, I've come to expect it...To be fair, you've helped me catch a vibe. 

Then Candice wrote jokingly what she felt every hour when she was listening to her neighbor’s compilation. The girl had no intention to argue with the self-proclaimed DJ. Instead, she decided to treat him and offer an “olive branch.”

I wanted the best way to tell my neighbor that he tried it with his late night party. So I wrote him a letter and baked him a cake.

In the end, Candice wished her neighbor good holidays and dropped the letter with the cake at the door.

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At first, nothing happened, although the gift had disappeared. Many asked why the girl simply didn’t go to talk to the neighbor or call the police, but she explained that she preferred quiet communication, and she was a little scared to go alone.

Surprisingly, the two neighbors finally met! It turned out that the malicious party animal was called Tommy, and in fact, he was a rather nice person.

He apologized for the noise, promised to invite me to the next party and most importantly...HE SAID MY POUND CAKE WAS AMAZING!!!!



Tommy works as a music producer. In addition, he had recently lost his daughter and spent his time alone, trying to alleviate his pain with music. The meeting with Candice helped him find a good friend and a little joy after long grieving.



These two became real friends and showed a great example of resolving conflict peacefully. Of course, there are different problems with neighbors. However, sometimes, showing kindness and trying to understand a person may very well bring you something good in return.

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