Thai Cave Rescue: How Did The Children Manage To Survive These 17 Days? The Coach Deemed A Hero But Not By Everybody

Date July 12, 2018 15:11

On June 23, Ekapol Chanthawong, an assistant coach of Moo Pa (Wild Boars) soccer team, decided to take 12 boys down a cave to write their names on the walls. The young men used to go on a bike trips, mountain climb, hike with Ekapol, and it always went well. But this time was to be different…

After the children and their coach went roughly 2.5 miles into the cave, they became cut off when it got flooded by a rainstorm. They had to go even deeper in order to survive. That’s how they got trapped. The rescue operation has captivated the entire world.

When one of the divers reached to the captives, he discovered that children were calm and showed no signs of panic or fear. It’s their coach who helped them survive. 

Upon realizing that they were not getting out any time soon, the soccer coach divided food and water among the children to last a few days, leaving the lest for himself.

Mr. Ekapol taught the boys meditation to prevent panic. Before becoming a coach, he had been a monk for 10 years. He taught the children to remain calm in order to save energy, stay mentally focused, and strong. Even though not every child could swim, everybody got out in the end, including the coach.

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The children’s parents don’t blame the coach for what happened. On the contrary, they thank him for helping their kids through this ordeal. 

Mr. Ekapol’s friends tell that he is a good person – doesn’t smoke or consume alcohol, takes care of himself, and teaches kids to do the same.

However, Arpakorn Kongpermpool, a lawyer, considers that Ek should be held responsible. He points out that there was a warning sign at the entrance to the cave, and this is not a place for children. His Facebook post has collected 57,000 likes.

Now, all the kids and their coach are at a hospital, as they started developing a lung infection. Children dream to recover soon and hug their relatives more than anything!

What do you think, should the young man be blamed for what happened or forgiven? Share your opinion in the comments!

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